gallery progress

The before pictures…. yikes

2 comments on “gallery progress

  1. Do you think you could post the galleries address somewhere on here?
    I can’t see it anywhere.

  2. Hello! If you are receiving this, your art space is being featured on The Red Dress Tours ( ! These FREE, BILINGUAL, and ARTIST-LED tours are taking place on the First Fridays of September, October, and November and highlight Downtown Phoenix’s main arts districts: The Roosevelt Row District, The Grand Avenue District, and the Central/LightRail Corridor, respectively. The main purpose of these tours is to introduce participants to a WALKABLE downtown and to promote the idea of connectivity and familiarity with the local art spaces and business owners. Here is a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself to some folks looking to patronize our cultural districts. Your responses to the short survey below will serve as talking points for the docents, Kara Roschi & Ernesto Moncada, when they lead the group to your space.

    1. Who are the owners and operators of this space?

    2. Why were you compelled to open the doors of this particular art space?

    3. What are the space’s main missions and directives?

    4. What, or whose, work is generally featured here?

    5. What will be showing in September?

    6. What would you like to see for the downtown art scene? The top item of priority on your wishlist?

    7. Any point of interest or “fun fact” about your art space or the history of the space?

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