Gallery:SUHU is a small space with BIG IDEAS…it is, indeed, and, no doubt will continue to be, an ongoing work-in progress of a collaborative nature. It is located in the Phoenix Downtown Arts District.

We believe that Art is for everyone—for present and future collectors.  First and Third Friday evenings of each month will offer small exhibitions,  either by a solo artist or a group of artists, emerging or established, in addition to Su, gallery owner and resident artist (known to many as “AnimalHealerART”).  On those evenings each month, the changing exhibitions will focus on a wide range of subject matter  in a wide range of pricing and in a variety of mediums—from stones & crystals, to metals, to photography, to the computer as canvas, to glass, to print, to permanent botanicals or performance art—maybe even a classical violinist– to who knows what? 

For the most part, “small works” will be featured, so please plan to take the extra moments to “connect” with each piece on exhibition.  Yes, they will speak to you, given the opportunity.  There will also be such things as a selection of open and limited edition prints, cards, jewelry, florals and more available for purchase. Additionally, the featured guest artists will be on hand to greet visitors and to answer questions about their art.

Gallery:SUHU is home to AnimalHealerART—Interpretive Pet Portraiture.  You will be able to see samples in person of some commissioned portraits both in the “seriously done” and the “serious fun” categories, as well as, be able to purchase a print or two. …or even an original.

If you would like to bring your pet to meet Su in person, you are welcome to do so. However, we would strongly recommend that you make an appointment for during the week (and NOT on First or Third Friday evening), at a time when there are not as many people, distractions, and energies that might make your pet uncomfortable.  The artist is happy to accept the photo(s )of your pet(s) that you have chosen to use for their portrait at any time through email.  Also, if you were hoping for a hands-on Reiki session for your pet, we would, again, recommend that you make an appointment for either a hands-on or distance Reiki session for another time during the week. 

We look forward to seeing you often at  gallery:SUHU.

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